On May 10th, 2009 I was feeling a bit frustrated with myself for not using my talents, and letting my artistic ability run dry. Creativity, drawing, and art are just like muscles in a lot of ways, and need to be exercised. Additionally, there is always more to learn and areas in which one can grow. I felt the desire to do something to keep myself creating and drawing, and started ADailyDoodle.com. I then went a full year without missing a single day! It was very hard at times, and the quality of some of the doodles proves how fed up and tired I felt on some days, but I made myself do it anyway. I have stories of using paint on shady hotel computers while traveling, or taking cell-phone photos of my scribbles on paper to get my daily post in. I was dedicated, that is for sure!

When May 10 th, 2010 rolled around I felt a great sense of accomplishment and did not quite know what to do with ADailyDoodle.com. I continued to post daily, but without that same drive and dedication. I would miss a day here and there without worrying about it. I feel I have learned all I wanted to learn and more from fulfilling my goal of a full year without missing a day. I learned to stick with it! I grew creatively, and have a great collection of pictures to prove it. I learned new tricks and skills that I continue to develop. After a few months of leisurely posting on ADailyDoodle.com I decided to sign off after letting a few weeks pass without any new updates. This was on February 22 of 2011 (also my birthday).

I am now creating this site to stand as a memorial of my accomplishment and showcase the results of my year+ endeavor. Here lies ADailyDoodle: The Wall Memorial. Below is a link to the wall, which loads in random images that will fill your screen from a repository of 561 images that I drew and posted on ADailyDoodle. Enjoy!

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ADailyDoodle: The Wall Memorial